Final cut:
Tai Chi Master

The most challenging thing during our entire production process was dealing with the quality of our video sources..We tried very hard after our first draft by going to Chinatown to shoot more footages. However, those footages just adding the variety but not the content, which still better! Even later we went into Audition to edit the audio really hard, such as adjusting the equalization and the volume of the background music…the cracking sound of the mic disappeared; however, the background music still competing withe vocal…which disappointed me.

Photos during our shoot:

Week 4: Storyboard

Main Character: Jason’s Uncle
Narrator Perspective: Third person
Location: Columbus Parks at Chinatown, NY
Scenes: Jason’s uncle teaching Tai Chi to his students
Topic: The storyline will begin with a little history of Tai Chi, then will transfer to Jason’s uncle teaching Tai Chi to his students at Columbus Parks at Chinatown in NY. Interviews with Jason, his family, students, or friends will be included in our video as well. Also, we will love to set the storyline of how a traditional Eastern practice is now being fully develop in the US.
Sources/References: painting or images of how people practice Tai Chi in the ancient time from web or TV scenes.


Week 2: Soundwalk

Creative Process…
Compare to other groups, we came up the idea very quickly. We decided to set our narrator as the sound of the footsteps, which guide our audience from the beginning to the end of the soundwalk. So, we record the sound in one shot by walking from first floor to the top of the Tisch Building. Since we recorded in one shot, people we encountered were also recorded. After the recording, we distributed the work and added different sound effects to represent each floor. The audience will have to pay attention to the sound effects to determine who occupy each floor.

My Part…
I was assigned to edit the soundtrack from floor 9 to floor 12. However, this four floors are all occupied by one department, Film & TV. Both Film and TV take 2 floors. By entering 9th floor, the clipboard clicked and started counting down. Then, the film began. At the end of the 10th floor, the clipboard clicked again to announce the end of filming. Then, TV turned on and the sound of breaking news entered. The news began to be announced but the unstable connection sound effect disturbed the channel and later just faded out.

Issued Encountered…
The issues we had faced were mostly how to puzzle each of our piece smoothly and to be consistent.

Audio Soundwalk


Organic? Remix?

First, I want to say that there is no originality sound. I would agree on Mr. Ferguson that most of the sound is just continue to reproduce, remix, and recreate. Just like Job Steve said, a good artist copy, and the great artist steel. I think the creative part of the art is how can you combine or recreate things together and make them inspirable.

Today, lot of songs are claimed or argued that are copied, which is not original. I would say, there’s no original sound. A lot of artist and musician are inspired by the nature sound and we never say those are copied or plagiarism. But, those are not original sound.

Overall, I would say people have different measure scale and opinions on plagiarism, copied, remix. But, I would say as long as you can create a new version from the original, then, it’s not plagiarism.

Soundwalk Response: Chinatown

I chose to go to Chinatown to experience the soundwalk. In the beginning, there is a narrator who is setting the atmosphere to get the audience ready to explore. Also, I really enjoy the song of Jasmine as the prelude. Suddenly, I was drawn into the environment of the Chinese culture.

Then, the second narrator who is setting the scene at the coffee shop which opens up a intimated conversations and space between me and him. When he said, “I will meet you outside,” it feels like someone is actually going through the journey with you. During the soundwalk, the footsteps run through the entire audio and provide some sound effects. The sound in the background sometimes quicky bring me back to the early time of Chinatown. It also associates my home town because of the language.

The only thing that I have problems were that walking through Chinatown is very challenging. Sometimes, I got interrupted because of people hitting on me or passing me. Otherwise, I had a very inspiring and intimate experience. The scenes are designed pretty well and have a certain dynamic range that keeps the audience want to keep going.