AR Pickers

Working with representatives from across the company, our team demonstrated compelling user interactions and gaming experiences inspired by A+E Networks media content, channels and television shows. Throughout the prototyping challenge, our team also considered business development areas to investigate how immersive AR content can generate new revenue streams for media companies​. 

Please see the full design challenge here.

UI/UX Designer


Product Development



3D Assets Building

Spatial Design

Weekly Client Report

My Role

  • Concept/Story development

  • Prepare weekly client presentation

  • UI/UX design: wireframe, screen mock-up


​A+E Network:

  • Director of Product & Game

  • VP of Editorial of Digital Media

  • Executive VP of Digital Media

NYC Media Lab:

  • Program Coordinator

  • Program Director

End Product

We build an AR game, an experience based off the show American Pickers on History Channel. AR Pickers is a cooperative AR experience that brings historical narratives from American Pickers into people's living rooms. By working together, users can peek into the past and see what it's like to play the roles of Mike and Frank to discover and "pick" virtual antiques. 


If you want to learn more about the project, please check here.  

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