Chase after

This is a story about a LED bulb is being chased after by bits of electronics from Arduino Starter Kit and he is on his journey to save his friend.


Stop Motion Animation Design


Adobe Premiere




Our initial thoughts were using simple or organic materials, such as strings, rice, or beans. The natural aesthetic is the feeling we want to present. In the end, we decided to use the parts for the circuits, such as wires, LED lights, resistors, and many others to build our storyline.


After deciding what material we are going to use, we generally talk about what kind of story could be included. We designed the main character, the yellow LED light, is on a journey to save his buddy, the blue LED light. During his journey, he ran through many challenges, such as attacked by bad guys, had to cross the mountains and so on. Eventually, he found his buddy and concluded a happy ending!

Rough Cut


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