Ears of wonder

Ears of wonder is an interactive book shows the personality of myself. The context of the book is presented by visual and audio. 



Book Design

Graphic Design

Interaction Design

User Interaction

This book is designed with a lift-up flap and contains two sensors with recorded sound that provides the viewer/reader interacts with the book for a more sensory experience.


Today, when we present ourselves, we normally give out a business card or maybe Instagram or FB to connect with people. However, these platforms mostly show a person's story by texts and pictures. So, I want to create a unique way of introducing myself to others that it is as universal as possible.





In order to be universal, I have to think of what elements are particular for certain users. For people who are visually impaired, the sound & voice are in particular important to them. For people who are deaf, visual elements are the only input they might have. So, I thought of creating a book that describes myself in both visual & sound. 

In terms of the medium, I want to be more non-traditional and playful; therefore, I chose to create an interactive book that has a lift-up flap inside.





The first step, I chose to share my three likes and three dislikes by illustrating them. 

The 3 likes are: cats, latte, and black

The 3 dislikes are: Victoria Secret, routine, and sweet smells







Black​ / Simple


Candy Smells

Victoria Secret

Book Cover

Book Pages



After finish illustrating, I dug out the middle part and printed on the see-through screen. If the readers look at the transparent part, they will see there's a small person fall from the first flap to the bottom one. It symbolizes the reader is drawn into my world by listening or seeing my illustrations and voice.

When the readers/listeners lift up the flaps, the sensors taped on the bottom will play the sound I recorded.

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