Seeing yourself being present in the virtual world; meanwhile, noticing your physical presence slowly making little changes.





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A recent study published in Psychological Science suggests that people across the globe are becoming more individualistic over time. Couple researches that show a rise in narcissism and these suggest that people are becoming more isolated and focused on themselves, rather than others.



According to the research, I want to create an installation that draws the user into his/her own world by seeing himself/herself that the world continues to loop without an end. 


In order to serve the concept of narcissism, the environment should be isolated, exclusive, and private. Also, being immersive will create a world that never ends.


First, I thought of a giant helmet that hangs on the wall and users have to go inside in order to experience it. Inside the giant head cap, there will be a projector projecting the visual around the helmet. The user will be sitting on a chair, under the chair, there is a gyroscope sensor that tracks the rotate of the chair. Based on the rotation, the projector will rotate with the user. Thus, wherever the user turns, the user will always see the projection.


The following picture explains the structure of the helmet:


since the plastic dome is too expensive so the alternative with fabrics with wires will be a better solution.



the servo is attached in between the wood plate and the projector, which will rotate the projector according to the user.


the projector is mounted on a wood plate with a servo so the projector is able to rotate 360 degrees. Using the lightest projector will be LG Mini PF1500.


gyroscope sensor:
the sensor is taped under the chair which sensors the angle of the chair and communicates with the servo so they will rotate together. 


material to hang:
fish wire or magic warms



As you may see, there are a lot of difficulties already. First, what material should I use to hang the heavy projector from the ceiling? Second, how can I tape or hide all of the cables that will be using? Third and also the most difficult one, how big should I build the helmet so the projector has enough distance to project on the surface?


Based on these major difficulties that I encountered, I had solutions for the first two but the size of the helmet is tricky. Since I do not have a whole room for myself to build an installation, also in terms of budget wise, my project can not go on a large scale.



Because of the lack of spaces, facilities, and budget, I have to do some compromise on my project. I used all the facilities that I can access to demonstrate my concept. Instead of the helmet, I use two large TVs and replace servo with serial communication between my sketch that is displayed on the screen with my sensor taped under the chair. Although the environment is not closed and immersive, this prototype does best to represent my idea.



Two TVs are connected with Matrox DoulHead2Go in order to extend the screens. The screens play the sketch that I coded in processing.

The following picture is the perspective view far away from multiple shapes. To interact, click here

Click here to interact.

There's a webcam between two TV screens that capture the user's face and projects them on to the surfaces of the shapes on the screens. This picture is the perspective view when these shapes are around the user​ and user can see their camera capture projected on the object surfaces.

When the user turns, the gyroscope sensor will communicate with processing so the sketch on the screen will rotate according to the user.


The final implementation is just a prototype according to the budget and facilities that I have.


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