Project Description

This project aims to represent the culture of Taiwan that affected by Japan's colonialization in 1895. Both design and content in this project are not just showing the influence of Japanization, but also reflect the sarcasm from today's perspective. 


Skill Practiced

Poster design

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign



Chun Wo Pat



The pyramid in the middle symbolizes a funnel that represents the power of  Japanization that slowly brainwashed the culture and people's thought in Taiwan.



The color of the pyramid is a gradient from pure white to the pure red. Other than the pyramid, the rest of the color theme remain only black, white, and grey. 




In order to represent the style back in 1895, I placed multiple lines across the poster that are evenly distributed from the top of the poster to the bottom. In addition, the Chinese phrases shown in the posters are words that related to Japanization.

Newspaper Design


Inner Page

The newspaper is focusing on Japan's colonial power in education; at the same time, it shows sarcasm to Japanese's imperialism. 

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