The perception

The Perception is a sculptural light installation placed within a small-enclosed room that transforms. It is an intimate perceptual experience of how the more we allow ourselves to see, the closer we come to discover. That what we first experience, over time often becomes something entirely different. The Perception is a sensory experience of the world around us that involves recognition, action, and response.


Spatial Design


LED Light bulbs

Concept Development

User Interaction

The lantern will change according to the user's position and movement.



Often, we look back and find that we saw a situation as though we had blinders on, that we saw only a narrow view that eventually revealed itself to be much more expansive and complicated.





The idea of this piece was to explore and discover how the brain perceives and obtains information based on our ingrained belief systems. How our senses can sometimes lead us away from what's true.




Installation Prototype:


I built a prototype that has an irregular shape by using foam boards. As you can see the demonstration below, there are many eyes are carved around the installation. These eyes represent the perception of the public. By placing a light inside the installation, the shadow of these eyes will project on the wall around the installation. 



The following pictures demonstrate how the audience will experience while going through The installation.


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